Doing really well after only the first two weeks of the cleanse. I am feeling better overall. I’m surprised that I haven’t really had the cravings I thought I would have. I don’t really miss the animal protein at all, not even cheese. I am doing amazing on this diet.

After 2 weeks on the diet, I feel and look years younger. I’ve lost weight and my energy was skyrocketed without working out. I’m already hooked on eating healthy. I never want to back to feeling lethargic.

Having had severe arthritis for 40+ years. I then had the delightful experience to receive daily Macrobiotic meals. My crippled hands no longer ache and in fact have straightened out considerably. I was on heavy arthritis medication for years and I no longer have to take any medication for arthritis… this makes for a very happy liver!

I have taken classes from Jeanne at 7th Element for several years now and it has improved my well being and was the reason for many of the medications I was on to be able to stop using. She teaches so that the lay person can do the cooking at home and the foods are easy enough so that when you do cook them they still taste good when you cook them too!