We thoroughly enjoyed our first week of your Macrobiotic Meal Pack. The variety, quality and quantity of healthful, tasty foods was outstanding. We’ve become fans!

I was sick for 5 years. After going from doctor to doctor the conclusion was that I had fibromyalgia. I suffered from chronic pain and chronic fatigue. For about 18 months I could barely make it to the bathroom. I shaved my hair because if I managed to make it into the shower I didn’t have the energy to dry my hair. Last summer a doctor brought my allergies to many different antibiotics to my attention and suggested I avoid foods that contain antibiotics and sulfas… then my neighbor recommended 7th Element to me. After being on the meals for 8 weeks it has changed my life. I am now working with a personal trainer twice a week, I get up early full of energy and my pain is minimal. My daughter looked across the dinner table one evening and commented that my face doesn’t even look sick anymore. My neighbors are so surprised to see my car gone as they have gotten accustomed to it always being parked in the driveway. I now have the energy to run around town doing errands. I recommend this macrobiotic diet to everyone I know.

I LOVE your teachings and I adore you! You are so inspiring, I look forward to the class so much. I think you are one of the most knowledgable people I’ve ever met, and I really want to learn as much as I can from you. I’ve read tons about nutrition, but I’ve been frustrated for years by all the conflicting theories about food and nutrition and weight/fat loss. I’ve struggled with my weight and portion control and healthy/unhealthy eating and food cravings and proper nutrition (especially when I had been working out hard) for most of my life. But that all changed when I met you! Thanks for the inspiration and the great advice!

Everyday I look forward to enjoying 7th Element’s creative, loving energized meals! I woke-up younger today then yesterday! Eating these balanced healthy delicious meals leaves me feeling ageless and beautiful! The food makes me feel alive and balanced. All the meals are exciting, colorful, delicious and the portions are filling. Best of all love is put into each dish! Eating a balanced Marco meal gives me an abundance of energy and clarity. Eating your meals everyday shows in my glowing hair, strong nails and healthy clear skin.

The macrobiotic meal service that you’ve been providing has given us with a whole new perspective on “eating healthy”. Unlike fad diets that only deal with weight loss or a specific condition, the macrobiotic food programs approach to nutrition really changed our complete health – both physical and mental. All of my vitals have improved, with my good and bad cholesteral showing the most significant improvement. Although I didn’t have a weight “issue”, I did lose about 10 pounds (5% of my total weight) while enjoying generous portions of delicious food. Thanks!

Seriously Yummy Food – – The versatile chefs at the 7th Element are fabulous!! It is hard to imagine that food this incredibly delicious and diverse can be so very healthy and reasonable! After 10 weeks of this exceptional food, I still can’t wait to be surprised by the next meal. I plan to keep this tasty food service indefinitely. Your mouth and stomach will thank you as much as the rest of your body, for this is a treat of body, mind and spirit. The positive effects of the tasty and visually stunning food are quickly apparent: glowing complexion, better hair, improved clarity of thought. All the wonderful flavors, textures and aromas are lovingly presented with balance and artistry. This is a treat that you should not deny yourself. The chefs and delivery folks are super friendly and professional too!! Thank you 7th Element!!!!

I always stock up for the week at the farmer’s market because I know I have healthy, yummy food to add to my meals which makes it easier to skip some steps during my busy week. I also take advantage of the meal delivery service because I can count on knowing that I’m eating a well balanced meal where all my nutritional needs are met and I am fully satisfied because of the size and the taste! These meals are usually things I wouldn’t make for myself, so it’s good to add the variety to the mix so I don’t get bored! I’m so glad to know there’s a company out there that I can trust to help me stay on my healthy path while keeping me fully satisfied! Thank you for all the information you pass along to continue to inspire people to stay on the macro lifestyle!

Jeanne of 7th Element Services has an outstanding grasp of nutrition, health and using Macrobiotic diet principles to help people significantly improve health or take current health to a higher level. Her knowledge and ability is fantastic and will show how to make wonderfully tasting meals that also will provide great health. She also takes time to let people know exactly how a certain food will help improve the health. Jeanne is a five-star professional and fantastic human being.

I love your cooking. I love your classes. Your knowledge of Macrobiotics is impressive. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I always walk away from the class inspired.

Jeanne has an incredible and extensive knowledge of healing through food and energy. She also has a gentle hand in working with people to get them to their best self! Whether dealing with disease, reproduction, digestive issues or weight loss Jeanne is a one-stop solution for all that you need to heal, or stave off disease and health issues. She truly is a Healer and a Guide. As a Chef her food is absolutely delicious and her delectable recipes make you feel and look the best ever!