Refund Policy

To Cancel Catering or Private Chef Orders/Appointments:
Call us at 747-777-2065 or send an email to at least 48 hours before set appointment. In your e-mail please include the following: first and last name, your reason for the cancellation, contact information and the day you wish to cancel service for.

There are no refunds on catering or private chef food services. All food sales are final, we do NOT offer a Money Back Guarantee on any of our food services.

If you have questions or concerns about what you have purchased or are about to purchase, please contact us at, or call 747-777-2065.

To Cancel a Class, Workshop or Private Consultation:
Please send us an email to at least 48 hours before scheduled class/appointment time.

NO REFUND or Monetary Compensation For Online Products/Programs:
Due to the nature of our services we do not issue refunds for our online products/programs at, or Once you have purchased a program you are an active participant of that program. If you choose not to actively participate that is by your own choice. Therefore we highly encourage all participants to be fully aware that once you purchase the program you are the only one responsible for your participation. We teach and inspire but are not responsible for your success in completing the program.

We are happy to discuss our programs with you ahead of making any decisions. We want this to be the right fit for all participants. Please be a mindful shopper going in.

If you have questions or concerns about a purchase, please contact us at or call us directly at 747-777-2065.

For Subscriptions to
To cancel a subscription please email us directly at

In your e-mail please include the following:
1) first and last name
2) email address
3) the subscription that you wish to cancel with a brief explanation as to why – we encourage feedback – we care about our clients and are always looking to improve our online services

Your subscription will be cancelled with 72 hours of your submitted email. We will contact you to confirm the cancellation of service.

If you do not have email access to cancel your subscription please contact us at 818-512-9195 with your information on hand.