eBook “Fit & Trim for Life: 7 Keys to Success”

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Explore how you can lose weight and naturally improve your health with some simple changes in your daily life.
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“Fit & Trim for Life, 7 Keys to Success” will give your weight loss struggles the extra boost needed to win the battle of the bulge and naturally improve your overall health.

Most modern day weight loss programs only focus on food and these diets fall short on long term change. Unfortunately when people finish a diet plan and return to their regular lifestyle the pounds come creeping back. Which means over time they are right where they started, overweight and frustrated.

This book has a refreshingly different approach to being fit and trim. Because maintaining your optimal weight is not only about food. It is about creating good habits that aide in digestion, increase your energy and change your daily patterns to create the body you desire.

Simple changes for BIG results!

2 reviews for eBook “Fit & Trim for Life: 7 Keys to Success”

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    By Jessica Porter “The Hip Chicks Guide To Macrobiotics”

    Jeanne Grosset has created a beautiful, easy-to-read, easy-to-implement book, full of wisdom and inspiration. “Fit and Trim for Life” makes do-able suggestions about food, activity and attitude that the reader can put into practice NOW. Her writing is friendly and accessible, and the stories she includes–from students, clients and even her family–show how powerful simple changes can be. I would recommend this e-book for anyone who wants to start a healthier life today. To top it all off, it’s really beautiful! Well worth every penny and more.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jill Nyren

    I promised a friend that I would check this out, but admittedly, I was rolling my eyes during the whole phone conversation. I don’t buy into fad diets or psycho-babble mumbo-jumbo. Im a “just the facts” type, plus I have to enjoy my food. I’ve been using Jeanne Grossets plan for 3 yrs., and I have to fess up that it’s changed my life. My whole family has cholesterol issues and I was on a lot of medicine even though I had given up meat and fried foods for years. After 6 months on this diet, I was allowed to slowly cut out all cholestoral meds. My doctor didn’t think it was even possible. The other issue is I’ve been able to practically eliminate Synthroid, and I’ve had Hashimoto’s Thyrioditis for decades. Another big bonus is that my skin is shockingly flawless for my years, which is amazing because I’m as pale as they come and I’ve spent my life outside in a pool. I’m not saying that you should throw away your sunscreen, but your skin starts to glow. There are many other benefits, but please know that this is the real deal.

    • Jeanne

      Thank you Jill for sharing. We are happy to hear how well our Macro Meal Packs are working for you. Healthy food for a happy life. Enjoy!

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