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We are Jeanne and Patrick Grosset of Los Angles, California. We create farm-to-table fresh, organic, 100% VEGAN dishes for better health and longevity. Passionate chefs & teachers, happy to be of service, doing what we love.

We do not use recipes for our plant based creations – we are talented intuitive chefs – producing food that is in balance with our current season and local demographic. All natural, wholesome, alkaline balanced foods to nourish and satisfy your body and mind.

We specialize in gluten free grains and use locally grown vegetables that are in season. Powerful foundational foods balanced according to the principles of Macrobiotics to help create a self-healing alkaline blood quality to promote a healthy, happy, long life.

Whole foods experts  – keeping whole grains “whole” for optimal benefits, soaking grains and beans for easier digestion, using top quality ingredients and fermented foods with high levels of probiotics to promote well being.

Get your weekly Macro Meal Pack featuring 23 seasonal dishes inspired by the freshly picked produce at the farmers market. Grab-and-go fare to keep you supplied with clean food choices throughout your busy week.

Jump on our Body Reset Cleanse program with meals and beverages designed to detox the liver, melt fatty deposits, decrease inflammation, balance digestive bacteria and boost the immune system – naturally.

Get empowered with our Classes & Events.

Looking for a master in the kitchen? We offer Private Chef services too.


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Dear Friends,

We are all settled in with Gold Mine Natural Food Company in San Diego, creating our powerful line of delicious foods. Now available for delivery right to your front door - serving California, Arizona & Nevada!

Vegan cooking classes will continue for our L.A. community throughout the year. Please check out our Events page for more information.

We are very excited about our new adventure, and look forward to sharing our progress as it unfolds. Please stay tuned.... We will be announcing our new branding soon, and we want you to be among the first to know.

Thank you for all your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

With gratitude, Jeanne & Patrick

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Happy Customers

We thoroughly enjoyed our first week of your Macrobiotic Meal Pack. The variety, quality and quantity of healthful, tasty foods was outstanding. We’ve become fans!

Having had severe arthritis for 40+ years. I then had the delightful experience to receive daily Macrobiotic meals. My crippled hands no longer ache and in fact have straightened out considerably. I was on heavy arthritis medication for years and I no longer have to take any medication for arthritis… this makes for a very happy liver!

After 2 weeks on the diet, I feel and look years younger. I’ve lost weight and my energy was skyrocketed without working out. I’m already hooked on eating healthy. I never want to back to feeling lethargic.

Doing really well after only the first two weeks of the cleanse. I am feeling better overall. I’m surprised that I haven’t really had the cravings I thought I would have. I don’t really miss the animal protein at all, not even cheese. I am doing amazing on this diet.