Patrick Grosset

Patrick-head-shot.signageMacrobiotic Chef & Educator, Professional French Chef, Certified Natural Health Practitioner:

Patrick was born in the small village of Megeve, France where he was raised with the love and support of his mother and sister. In the traditional lifestyle of the French Alps, he enjoyed the natural foods provided by the forest and home garden. The connection between food and the world around him was instilled at a young age.

He started his kitchen experience in a small establishment packed with the tourist crowd in his early teenage years. His gourmet cooking foundation was then formed in French art of cuisine on the nearby Lake of Annecy, where he studied for many years. Traveling to many parts of the world he has worked along side greats chefs and cooks of Europe, the Caribbean and Florida.

Inspired by the readings of Michio Kushi, this chef decided to take food to the next level. Embracing the knowledge of the true power of nature, he attended the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts to study and become a Macrobiotic chef and teacher.

Fusing years of experience in the restaurant world with the traditional practices has given Patrick the knowledge to create original recipes that are not only healthy for you but are also gourmet fare. The best of both worlds.

Patrick cooks vegan/macrobiotic meals in the comfort of people homes, creating balanced menus for the whole family. Teaching simple and delicious recipes in various classes and workshops in health food stores and privately, he provides the tricks for busy people to manage a whole foods kitchen in the real world.

Proficient in the plant based diet approach to self-healing in both raw and cooked foods.

Learning for a better tomorrow.
Work in progress…