Jeanne Grosset

Jeanne head shot.signageCertified Macrobiotic Educator and Counselor,
Kundalini Yoga Teacher (IKYTA Certified):

Jeanne (Agostinelli) was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She grew up in the kitchen with her grandmother’s guidance in traditional Italian cooking. Jeanne embraced her enthusiasm for fresh homemade food and witnessed the love she put into every one of her amazing meals.

A die-hard skiing enthusiast and outdoor lover, Jeanne has been very physically active throughout her life. Although, as she gained years she came to realize that the high impact, stressful workouts that had once served her were too strenuous and she needed to slow down or burn out. Transitioning from a daily life of strenuous workouts to the yogic practices was a huge shift, but she was amazed by what she discovered. She had greater strength, enhanced focus, increased stability, better flexibility and after years of gaining a strong knowledge of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga decided to embrace the mother of all the yoga practices, Kundalini. A practice rich with technology for the care and maintenance of the human mind, body and spirit.

Over a decade ago, Jeanne switched from a “healthy” version of the standard American diet to the natural path of health. Influenced by a great need in her home for healing, she embraced these practices in her search for wellness, and they worked. Witnessing first hand the amazing rejuvenation power of the human body she became passionate for more information, seeking out great teachers to become one herself.

Jeanne feels very fortunate to have discovered these two practices in her time of need and enjoys teaching their benefits to others. A Certified Macrobiotic Chef/Instructor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher (IKYTA Certified), she completed her studies at the Kushi Institute in Beckett, Massachusetts and at the Awareness Center in Pasadena, California. She is also a graduate of Macrobiotic America’s Counselor Program with David Briscoe.

Happy to be of service, Jeanne loves being a part of helping people improve their lives and the world around them!