7th Element supports personal growth and transformation for those who are on the natural path to good health. Enthusiastic teachers and chefs, Jeanne and Patrick share a whole life approach to health and happiness.

Who we are

jeanne-wallJeanne Grosset

Macrobiotic Educator, Chef & Counselor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher:
Jeanne (Agostinelli) was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She grew up in the kitchen with her grandmother’s guidance in traditional Italian cooking. Jeanne embraced her enthusiasm for fresh homemade food and witnessed the love she put into every one of her amazing meals. Read more

Patrick-head-shot.signagePatrick Grosset

Macrobiotic Chef & Educator, Professional French Chef, Certified Natural Health Practitioner:
Patrick was born in the small village of Megeve, France where he was raised with the love and support of his mother and sister. In the traditional lifestyle of the French Alps, he enjoyed the natural foods provided by the forest and home garden. The connection between food and the world around him was instilled at a young age. Read more


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“Jeanne has an incredible and extensive knowledge of healing through food and energy. She also has a gentle hand in working with people to get them to their best self! Whether dealing with disease, reproduction, digestive issues or weight loss Jeanne is a one-stop solution for all that you need to heal, or stave off disease and health issues. She truly is a Healer and a Guide. As a Chef her food is absolutely delicious and her delectable recipes make you feel and look the best ever!” – Susan

“I love your cooking. I love your classes. Your knowledge of Macrobiotics is impressive. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I always walk away from the class inspired.” – Bill

“Jeanne of 7th Element Services has an outstanding grasp of nutrition, health and using Macrobiotic diet principles to help people significantly improve health or take current health to a higher level. Her knowledge and ability is fantastic and will show how to make wonderfully tasting meals that also will provide great health. She also takes time to let people know exactly how a certain food will help improve the health. Jeanne is a five-star professional and fantastic human being.” – Alan

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Our Name

7E-Logo-card-copyThe Nine Star Ki, a form of Japanese astrology, is used in the Macrobiotic philosophies to understand our unconscious human tendencies – believing we are all born under one of nine numbers that represent various energies of the five elements that make up the universe. The five elements being tree, fire, earth, metal, and water. Both Jeanne and Patrick’s nine star key number is seven – their element is metal. Under the birth sign of metal their natural tendencies are strong in disciplined self-development, organizational ability and practicality.

Sharing great enthusiasm for life, health and happiness they decided that the special element that they offer people is their passion and energy – thus creating the name the 7th Element.

Macrobiotic Principles

grains-300x200Macrobiotics is a lifestyle practiced to achieve optimal health and harmony in life.

Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, originally created the term “makrobios” to describe people who were healthy and long-lived. The Greek translation, “makro” means “large” or “great” and “bios” signify “life”. Thus the term macrobiotic is used to describe a lifestyle that includes a balanced diet that promotes health and longevity.

Macrobiotics as a way of life is based on being in harmony with nature. Modifying one’s diet by taking into consideration all the environmental factors such as season, demographic, stress level and our place in the modern world. All these influence our well being therefore affect our whole health.

The foundation diet is composed of whole grains, vegetable proteins, ground and sea vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds, naturally fermented foods and grain sweeteners. Focusing on organic ingredients, natural cooking techniques and balancing your diet according to one’s current health condition, season and geographical location.

Traditional Chinese Medicine forms the core of this practice. Oriental Diagnosis is used to view the whole person, both physically and mentally. The overall lifestyle of the person both socially and environmentally is taken into consideration and from these observations a plan can be designed to promote self healing.

Thru the practice of Macrobiotics one can refine one’s diet and lifestyle to support, nurture and aid the body’s natural capability to self-heal.

*Please note, if you are new to this practice, seeking the guidance of a Macrobiotic Counselor is highly recommended, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.