kale and carrots

Macro Meal Pack Menu 11.11.2018

Arugula with colorful heirloom carrots and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Baby kale salad with spaghetti squash and beet bottom with a sunflower seed sprinkle.

Pumpkin, scallion, cilantro, umeboshi paste, apple cider vinegar and mirin dressing…

Green cabbage slaw with turnip, carrot and watermelon radish with a apple cider vinegar dressing.

Cucumber and wakame (seaweed) salad with black sesame seeds and red onion marinated in umeboshi vinegar.

Wholesome essence brown rice stir fry with rutabaga, sweet potato, red onion and tamari.

Millet loaf with stone ground mustard.

Carrot and red onion sauce for the millet loaf.

Buckwheat with daikon radish, parsley and an apple cider vinegar dressing.

Quinoa with red beets, umeboshi vinegar, toasted sesame oil and cilantro.

Pinto bean chili with mixed root veggies.

Baby lima bean stew with golden beets, rutabaga, tahini and white miso.

Black beluga lentil salad with parsley and a pumpkin seed and umeboshi dressing.

Split pea soup with garnet yams, onion and acorn squash.

Fall squash in a water and oil saute with black pepper, turmeric and parsley.

Daikon radish nishime with sweet miso sauce.

French onion soup.

Romano bean saute with paprika and red onion.

Shumei natural agriculture potatoes au gratin with pumpkin seed and garlic.

Caramelized brussel sprouts with brown rice syrup, dulse (seaweed) powder and sage.

Split pea soup with garnet yams, onion and acorn squash.

Carrot and onion puree with scallions.

Red grapes and goji berry compote.

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  1. Just got my first weekly order and so far everything is delicious and well-prepared. It tastes clean and healthy and I am have lots of fun. The onion soup, the daikon, the beans, the goji berries all wonderful. Thanks so much!!

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