Stuffed italian squash with a daikon_ carrot_ leek macedoine

Macro Meal Pack Menu 7.1.2018

Baby kale, carrot, beet, sesame seeds and cucumber.

Baby mustard greens, alfalfa, grape tomatoes and heirloom carrots.

Sunflower seed and scallion dressing.

Cucumber and hiziki salad (seaweed) marinated salad.

Red, green and yellow bell pepper salad with cilantro and garlic.

Basmati pilaf with carrot, onion and paprika.

Millet with stone ground mustard.

Beet sauce for the millet loaf.

Quinoa and leek salad with an apple cider vinaigrette.

Buckwheat and sauteed green cabbage with scallions.

Red kidney beans and umeboshi vinegar pickled cucumbers.

Red lentil dahl.

Navy bean, daikon and Italian squash soup with white miso.

Chickpea and boiled carrots with a sesame and fresh squeezed lemon dressing.

Roasted corn with mixed herbs, garlic and chili spice.

Butternut and acorn squash soup.

Boiled cabbage and broccoli salad with a mixed herb dressing.

Water saute colorful heirloom carrots with ground celery seeds and tops.

Patty pan, Maui onion and purple sage saute.

Stuffed Italian squash with a daikon, carrot and leek macedoine.

Summer green beans in a sesame seed and garlic bechamel sauce.

Cauliflower and Maui onion soup.

Melon de cavaillon with a cashew, grapefruit custard.

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