White bean hummus with fennel greens.

Macro Meal Pack Menu 5.13.2018

Baby greens and colorful heirloom tomatoes.

Greens and carrots.

Pumpkin seed and garlic dressing.

Fennel, red onion and fresh squeezed orange juice dressing.

Salted kale, ume vinegar and toasted sunflower seeds.

Fried rice with purple cabbage, pumpkin seeds and carrot.

Millet loaf with pumpkin seeds.

Quinoa with black radish and spring onion.

Quinoa with watermelon radish and spring onion.

Buckwheat with fried onions, mushrooms and caraway seeds.

Kidney beans, onions, squash, chili and coriander.

Mung beans with fennel and peas.

Red lentil and butternut squash soup.

White bean hummus with fennel greens.

Blanched bean mix with butter and parsley.

Baked onion with sage.

Carrot ginger miso soup.

Broccoli and watermelon radish.

Zucchini sautéed with onion and rosemary.

Daikon, red radishes and dulse flakes.

Purple and red beetroot in arrowroot sauce.

Red lentil and butternut squash soup.

Sautéed celery sticks with spring onion and fennel seeds.

Millet cacao and almond cake with goji berries.

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