Swiftly sauted kale and spring onion.

Macro Meal Pack Menu 5.6.2018

Baby spinach carrots and spring onion.

Baby kale with tomato and celery.

Cashew, sunflower seed and red pepper dressing.

Mizuma greens with micro greens.

Swiftly sauted kale and spring onion.

Soft rice with red cabbage and onion.

Millet and cauliflower loaf.

Creamy mushroom gravy for the millet loaf.

Quinoa with cilantro and fennel greens.

Buckwheat with stir fried celery, blanched yellow beets and tops.

Adzuki beans with kabocha squash and garlic.

Lentil shepherds pie with thyme and onion, topped with mashed sweet potato.

Refried black beans, Vidalia onion and cumin.

Split pea soup with spring onion and white miso.

Colorful heirloom carrots.

Whole cooked then grated beets, diakon, mint and ginger.


Quick pickled red radish with wakame (seaweed).

Italian squash with coriander.

Cucumber salad with sunflower seeds and a fresh squeezed orange juice dressing.

Carrot, white miso and tahini mash.

Blanched Greens of chard, spinach and beetroot.

Blanched spring beans, peas and a stone ground mustard dressing.

Stir fried fennel, celery, onion and caraway seeds.

Puffed millet, almond pie with chia and goji berries.

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