Quinoa, yam and cilantro salad.

Macro Meal Pack Menu 4.15.2018

Mizuna and mustard greens, celery root remoulade, pea sprouts and cherry tomatoes.

Baby kale, purple daikon radish and asparagus tips.

Sunflower and flax seed dressing with garlic.

Sugar snap peas, carrots, black sesame seeds and turmeric dressing.

Celery and fennel tops in a tahini-citrus dressing.

Stir fried brown rice, red onion, carrot, broccoli stems, spring onions and tamari.

Millet and sweet potato loaf.

Beet sauce for the millet loaf.

Quinoa, yam and cilantro salad.

Buckwheat, beets and spring onions with a sunflower cream dressing.

Adzuki beans and butternut squash soup.

Black eyed peas, sauteed cabbage and scallions.

Anaszi bean soup with onion, daikon radish and miso

Black beans, broccoli and radishes with a stone ground mustard sauce.

Steamed broccoli with parsley dressing and alfalfa sprouts.

Kaboch and red kuri squash soup.

Cauliflower au gratin.

Colorful heirloom carrots and parsley salad.

Sauteed brussel sprouts and colorful heirloom carrots.

Steamed and sauteed yams with sesame seed and cilantro dressing.

Arame, dried daikon radish and mixed root vegetable dashi.

Sauteed fennel, red onions and currants.

Baked fuji apples, sunflower seeds and raisins.

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