Steamed snap pease with onion fondue.

Macro Meal Pack Menu 1.14.2018

Kale, pea greens, carrot, and umeboshi vinegar pickled red onions.

Wild arugula with yellow squash and dulse (seaweed).

Chia, pumpkin seed and scallion dressing.

Red and green cabbage coleslaw with sweet pumpkin seed and stone ground mustard dressing.

Raw celery root with sunflower dressing.

Stir fried brown rice with carrot, celery root and onion scallion.

Millet loaf with tahini.

Red beet sauce for the millet.

Buckwheat, purple daikon and parsley with a sunflower seed.

Quinoa with steamed broccoli.

Kidney beans with red onion, parsley and an umeboshi and toasted sesame dressing.

Garbanzo beans with red cabbage, parsley and a tahini dressing.

Yellow dahl with turmeric, cumin, parsley, onion and Romanesco cauliflower.

Beluga lentil soup with celery, carrots and parsley.

Red beets, cauliflower, onion and a pumpkin seed dressing.

Baked red potatoes and Vadalia onions in a miso glaze.

Broccoli, carrot and onion with parsley dressing.

Braised parsnip and cabbage.

Dashi broth with winter vegetables.

Boiled turnip with stone ground mustard and tahini dressing.

Steamed snap pease with onion fondue.

Poached fennel with Vadalia onions and raisins.

Boiled red radish, and celery with a sunflower cream dressing.

Apple and raisin compote.

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