Baked 8 ball squash stuffed with a squash, carrot, onion saute.

Macro Meal Pack Menu 11.19.2017

Baby kale with red radish and yellow zucchini.

Wild arugula with daikon radish, pressed carrots and raisins.

Almond & parsley dressing.

Watermelon and red radish with parsley and dulse flakes (seaweed) in an umeboshi vinegar marinade.

Fennel, scallions and goji berries marinated in a fresh orange juice & apple cider vinegar marinade.

Stir fried brown rice with yams, broccoli stems and onion.

Polenta loaf with garlic.

Beet sauce for the polenta loaf.

Buckwheat, green beans and scallions with a sunflower cream dressing.

Quinoa, sunburst squash and parsley with a ponzu dressing.

Black beans, peas and parsley with a stone ground mustard dressing.

French lentils and leeks.

Navy bean stew with red onion, stone ground mustard and cashew butter.

Yellow mung beans with daikon, carrot, onion and turmeric.

Boiled fire beans and carrots with a sunflower seed cream dressing.

Carrot and ginger soup.

Yellow string beans with shredded carrots and a roasted pumpkin seed cream dressing.

Sautted patty pan squash and onion fondue.

Yellow carrot and kombu nishime.

Baked 8 ball squash stuffed with a squash, carrot and onion saute.

Spaghetti squash with yams and leeks.

Cream of broccoli soup.

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