Macro Meal Pack Menu 4.29.2017

Curly kale salad with red and yellow beets and toasted pumpkin seeds (pepitas).

Cashew and pumpkin seed creams dressing with scallions.

Green cabbage salad with celery, dried apricots, black sesame seeds and an fresh orange and grapefruit juice dressing.

Watermelon radish and celery quick pickles.

Raw zucchini with garlic cream.

Brown rice salad with golden beets and goji berries.

Layered millet and chili millet with cornmeal spring onions.

Red beets sauce for the millet loaf.

Buckwheat salad with watermeilon radish, umeboshi vinegar and parsley.

Quinoa with celery and scallions.

Steamed tempeh with fava beans, colorful heirloom carrtos, onions and a cashew mustard dressing.

French lentils with daikon radish and a stone ground mustard dressing.

Mung beans with carrots, parsley and pumpkin seed dressing.

Adzuki bean soup with colorful heirloom carrots and onions.

Miso glazed baked onion.

Baked delicata squash stuffed with spring onions and pumpkin seeds.

Creamy yams with coconut and cheyenne pepper.

Root veggie puree of turnip, radish and onion.

Boiled red radish and parsley with a chia seed dressing.

Patty pan squash and thyme.

Colorful heirloom carrots with onion and parsley.

Yellow beets, spring onions and oregano.

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