Fava_ cab_ carrot succotash

Macro Meal Pack Menu 4.29.2017

Kale salad with colorful heirloom carrots and scallions.

Lemon reduction, almond cream dressing with white miso with parsley.

Green cabbage salad with colorful heirloom carrots, dulse flakes (seaweed) and a tahini, miso dressing.

Celery root and red cabbage with scallions and a lemon, cashew cream and mustard dressing.

Multi-colored radish salad with a fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit and lemon marinade.

Springtime brown rice stew with colorful heirloom carrots, onion, garlic and parsley. (Please note – this can continue to thicken over time, just add water when warming to desired consistency.)

Quinoa with fennel and cilantro.

Millet loaf with yams and butternut squash.

Broccoli sauce for the millet loaf.

Buckwheat with golden beets and scallions.

Pinto bean chili with turnip and onion.

Mung beans with turnip and parsley.

Great northern bean with red beets and almond butter.

Black eyed pease with green cabbage and parsley.

Cauliflower and green bell pepper puree.

Cauliflower au gratin with a pumpkin seed cream dressing and paprika.

Boiled salad of celery root, fresh picked peas and spring onions.

Golden beets with roasted pumpkin seeds.

Sauteed fennel and red onions with black sesame seeds.

Fava bean, cabbage and colorful heirloom carrot succotash with parsley.

Cabbage and apple stir fry.

Water sauteed colorful heirloom carrots and onion.

Boiled salad of turnips and parsley with a stone ground mustard dressing.

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