Bb lima_ squash_ onio_ tahini

Macro Meal Pack Menu 2.4.2017

Collard greens with red radish and celery.

Chia seed salad dressing with fresh lemon. (Please note this may continue to thicken – if it is too think just add water and whisk.)

Fennel, onion top and raisin salad with a grapefruit dressing.

Green cabbage and celery coleslaw with a creamy walnut dressing.

Celery, parsley and dulse (seaweed) with himalayan sea salt.

Stir fried brown rice, red beets, red onion and green onion tops.

Quinoa with colorful heirloom carrots and parsley.

Buckwheat, yellow carrots, turnips and onion tops with a creamy seed cream dressing.

Millet loaf with cauliflower and kabocha squash.

Spring onion and tamari gravy for the millet loaf.

Baby lima bean stew with butternut squash, onion and tahini.

Adzuki beans with yams and onion.

Mung beans with watermelon radish and parsley.

Kidney beans with celery and red onion.

Fresh fava bean, parsnip and red onion saute.

Red beet and parsley salad.

Spicy broccoli and onion saute.

Spaghetti squash with apple and onion tops.

Boiled carrots and parsley with a mustard dressing.

Baked turnips with Italian herbs.

Baked cauliflower and brussel sprout au gratin with a pumpkin seed garlic cream.

Baked yams.

Cauliflower and bell pepper puree.

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