Rad_ leeks_ dulse boiled salad

Macro Meal Pack Menu 1.28.2017

Lacinato kale salad with red radish, colorful heirloom carrots and black sesame seeds.

Creamy sesame seed and scallion dressing.

Red cabbage coleslaw.

Raw zucchini and garlic salad.

Sprouted mung beans and chickpeas, colorful heirloom carrots, cucumbers with a citrus dressing.

Buckwheat salad with red radish, currants and scallions.

Millet loaf.

Carrot beet sauce for the millet loaf.

Quinoa salad of sauteed carrots and onions with cilantro.

Brown rice stir fry with carrot, onion and green bell peppers.

Kidney beans with celery, parsley and a stone ground mustard dressing.

Garbanzo beans with watermelon radish and parsley.

Adzuki bean stew with butternut squash, onion, radish and brown rice miso.

Red lentil dahl with 5 spices.

Kabocha squash and garlic puree.

Boiled salad of red radishes, leeks and dulse flakes (seaweed).

Peas in shell with onion fondue and turmeric.

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower with a mustard dressing.

Baked brussel sprouts and onions with oregano and thyme.

Baked parsnips with turmeric.

Baked colorful heirloom carrots with parsley and Italian herbs.

Sauteed Italian and patty pan squash with Vidalia onions.

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