Cau_ bro_ car_ must_ brv_ oo

Macro Meal Pack Menu 1.14.2017


Layered salad – kale with lemon tahini dressing topped with dandelion greens, red bell peppers and toasted sunflower seeds.

Ses_ scal_ uv

Sesame seed and scallion dressing.


Green cabbage salad with carrots, scallions, Fugi apples and a lemon citrus dressing.


Marinated red radish and scallions.


Colorful heirloom carrots and raisins.

Stir fry car_ leek _ scal

Brown rice stir fry with carrots, leeks and scallions.

Quinoa_ beet_ par_ uv_ oo

Quinoa salad with beets and parsley.

Millet butternut

Millet loaf with butternut squash.

Sweet veg sauce for loaf

Sweet vegetable sauce for the millet loaf.

Buck_ yam_ pars_ acv_ curry_ ses oil

Buckwheat with yams, parsley and curry.

Baby lima_ bp_ on_ tahini

Baby lima beans with red and green bell peppers and tahini.

Kd _ snap_ oni_ tahini_ acv

Kidney beans with snap peas, onions and sesame seed cream.

Chix_ cel_ onion_ tam soup

Garbanzo bean soup with celery and onions.

Mix veg soup

Winter veggie puree.

Squash in onion fondue

Zucchini and yellow squash with an onion fondue.

Spag_ goji_ cilantro_ acv_ tso

Spaghetti squash with goji berries and cilantro.

Baked turnips _ hdp_ blanched nappa

Baked turnips with blanched nappa cabbage and herbs de provence.

Baked yam_ onion in miso

Baked yam and onions.

Miso sauce for yam

Miso sauce for the baked yams and onions.

Cau_ bro_ car_ must_ brv_ oo

Boiled salad of cauliflower, broccoli and carrot with a mustard dressing.

Car_ scal_ dulse_ brv_ oo

Colorful heirloom carrots with scallions and dulse (seaweed).

Kab soup

Kabocha squash puree.


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