black eyed pea soup

Macrobiotic Meal Pack Menu 1.24.16


Zuchini, yellow squash and onion with cummin.


Turnip and turmeric with red onion.

split pea soup

Split pea soup with mixed veggies.

rice pilaf

Brown rice pilaf.


Quinoa salad with raisins, celery and parsley.

pressed celery

Celery pressed salad with raisins.

millet and carrot loaf

Millet and carrot napoleon.

lima beans

Great northern beans with red cabbage, parsley, umeboshi vinegar and olive oil.

kale salad with heirloom carrots

Baby kale salad with colorful heirloom carrots and scallion.

kabocha squash

Baked kabocha squash with rosemary.


Onion and tamari gravy.

golden beets

Golden beets and leeks.


Sunflower seed dressing with cilantro.

daikon and leaves

Daikon radish with tops.


Pinto bean chili with carrot and onion.

cauliflower au gratin

Cauliflower au gratin with sunflower seed cream and garlic.


Heirloom carrot nishime with fennel seeds and fennel.

carrot and daikon

Carrot daikon salad with lemon, dulse and black sesame seeds.

butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup with garlic.

buckwheat salad

Buckwheat with watermelon radish, parsley and sunflower dressing.

black eyed pea soup

Black eyed pea soup with miso.

arugula salad with radish

Arugula salad with radish and roasted sunflower seeds.


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